Washington DC Tourist Maps

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There are over 40 different icons to help you easily find fun places to see in Washington DC whether your looking for Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, a nearby Starbucks or maybe even the Ford Theater. Metro stops are clearly labelled so you can easily see nearby attractions at each metro stop when using the included Metro Map. This definitely makes taking the metro in Washington DC a breeze when exploring our Nation's Capital.

Examples of Washington DC maps icons and illustrated landmarks and attractions

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Tour Washington DC with a detailed map that shows Washington DC Attractions

Our detailed Washington DC Map shows museums, monuments, and other popular tourist attractions in the Downtown Washington area all with colorful illustrations from a 3D viewpoint. We especially focus on places surrounding the Smithsonian Museums like restaurants, cafes, hotels, stores and gift shops as well as Metro stops. Whether planning your trip before hand or exploring when you get there, it is especially important in Washington to know where you’re going to make the best of your time and also not to miss anything since everything is so spread out. For example, let’s say you just visited the Washington Monument and now you want to visit The White House, but really need to grab a bite to eat first, our map can show you all different varieties of restaurants to choose from with pricing all within just a few blocks away.

Washington DC is a great place to visit with so much to see and do and it can be especially fun to plan ahead. Children love to do this and doing so can keep them busy and excited and also help them learn more about Washington DC.

We’ve also included a map of Georgetown, Arlington National Cemetery and a Washington Metro map. There is tourist information about the Smithsonian Museums, National monuments and other Washington DC Attractions as well as great choices of restaurants, hotels, shopping and historic sights. There is so much to see and experience all throughout Washington DC and our map brings this to you with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations and easy-to-follow icons.

Also, to make your visit even more enjoyable, we added pricing for restaurants and hotels to help you choose where to dine and stay.

Our Washington DC map

is 27"x18" and folds down to a convenient size of 4"x9" that can be easily put into your back pocket or purse. Printed on PolyArt, you will find that they are lightweight yet easy to fold and can withstand the elements of weather and lots of use in and around Washington. Click below to see a more detailed map preview.

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Tourist Maps That Are Durable, Lightweight
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DC Maps can be fully recycledOur tourist maps are made from a fully recyclable material that is durable enough to outlast your vacation and can be reused time and time again. Unlike paper maps, they are waterproof and tear-resistant and do not need to be discarded after only a few uses. Compared to laminated maps, which cannot be recycled because of the combination of paper and plastic, ours are fully recyclable.